Panhandle Artisan Bread Company

Nels Peterson
Hours: 11am to 6pm, Tuesday through Saturday (closed Saturdays from May through October)
Behind Rosauer's supermarket
630 North Almon #110, Moscow ID 83843

We opened Panhandle Artisan Bread Company to support the local community by providing a healthy product made with local ingredients. 

In our carefully-crafted breads, a long fermentaiton process and hearth-baking are used to produce a bread with deep flavor and a crisp crust. All the loaves are made with pre-ferments, formed by hand, and contain natural leavening agents. 

We encourage you to visit and tour our bakery, to try a sample, and to see how we maintain age-old baking traditions. 

Our bread is available at our store Tuesday through Saturday during the winter months (from May through October, you can find us, and our bread, Saturdays at the Moscow Farmers' Market). The list below includes our available products and other items soon to come. In order to achieve deep flavor and unique texture, all of our breads are made with pre-ferments and require lengthy fermentation processes. Come taste the difference in our traditional breads. 

We now offer:
Baguette/Rustic Roll These basics have a rich, russet crust contrasted by a creamy and aromatic crumb. The flavor of the local flour prevails in this classic.
Ciabatta This bread undergoes no forming or final shaping, its' wheat aroma and large air holes make it ideal for dipping in oil and vinegar or soup.
Potato Bread/Idaho Rolls Local organic yukon gold potatoes are roasted on ou hearth to concentrate flavor and then added to the dough. The high levels of starch carmelize into an eye appealing crimson crust. 
Sourdough This everyday bread's distinctive aroma and taste are attributed to our local microorgan

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